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In this unit we are going to study two important process that happen in our body: RESPIRATION and NUTRITION.


Firstly, I want to show you some pictures that explain the process and the different parts involved:

Here in this video you can see how respiration works!! (English)

In these cartoons you will better understand the whole process (not only because it is in Spanish but also because they are really good):


Everybody knows that one of the most important processes in our body is nutrition. That´s because we can control which things we must eat.
It is very important to form healthy habits when you are a child.
We must teach you how to eat, and how to do exercise if we want you to be a healthy person in the future. In this unit we are working on our healthy diet and you shouldn't forget these things:

- You must eat five meals a day:
     1) Breakfast
     2) Morning snack
     3) Lunch.
     4) Afternoon snack
     5) Dinner.

- You must drink lots of water everyday.

- You must not abuse sugar, red meat and lipids.

- You must eat vegetables and fruits everyday.

- You must drink milk.

- You must eat fish and meat two or three times per week.

Here you can see the nutrition system:

 In these videos you will be able to better understand the whole process:

You can also learn more things about nutrition with these picures:

To clarify some aspects you can also watch this cartoon:

I hopè this post is useful for everyone to better understand these important processes.
If you have any doubt, don´t hesitate and ask me!!!

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