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Few months ago we were talking about a big problem that we have in our society, child obesity. This Christmas we could see in our tv news that Spanish government is thinking about how to fight this problem. One solution that they are planning to implant next course is to increase the time dedicated to P.E weekly in schools.
For me it could be a good solution because many children don’t have time to do sports after school. They usually have many activities like English, music, arts, homework, etc… so they don’t usually do exercise. Another thing that we need to have in mind is the way children spend their free time nowadays.
Kids usually pass a lot of time sitting in front of computer, videogames, tv, etc… and they don’t play outside. That’s one of the reasons why obesity has increased so much lately.
We have to take some initiatives as a P.E teacher to deal with this problem and to educate our child with good healthy eating habits. 
I started this program in my school three years ago. The program is called, healthy breakfast, and now I am going to explain what a healthy breakfast means.
According to the problems that we talked about before, I decided to do something to create good habits in our students.
My idea consisted on doing a schedule with some advice about what they should eat during the school break. You know that kids always want to eat chocolates, cakes, candy etc… and this is not good for them.
This is our schedule:

If we want to do this program well, we need the collaboration of everyone involved, parents, students and rest of the teachers. Every teacher has to register in their classes which kids bring to school the right breakfast, and at the end of the term people who have got 90% of the schedule will get an extra point in P.E
It`s important to explain to the families that this program is totally optional. At the end of the year we will give a price and a diploma to those children who have more points (two children per course).
Other ideas that I have got from a teacher called Alberto Piñera are these:
     -We can use web pages to work on these habits as a game. The California government has a program to work on these habits. You can visit this web and follow the instructions given on this document.

Thanks a lot to Alberto Piñera for sharing these ducuments!!! I hope it could be useful  for everyone!!!

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  1. Si empiezas a colgar cosas en inglés, apaga y vámonos .....

  2. Good idea to write in English. We must improve our English and show other the importance of learning different languages. As well as your good English, it´s a very interesting essay to keep in mind for us and our children too.
    Keep going!

  3. thanks Maytena for your comment i will try to work hard with my english to post more things in this language.